Monday, December 10, 2012

Ruby Sparks Experience

You know when you happen to read a critics’ headline of a film review and that headline stays in your mind for the whole film and doesn’t let you truly enjoy the film because of that? This very unfortunate situation happened with my Ruby Sparks experience and I felt so sad by the end of it. I wasn’t able to enjoy Zoe’s work properly and it sucked. I don’t know if I liked it or not.
It is potentially such a liberating film and I screw the opportunity. But apart from this huge inconvenient, Ruby Sparks is a fictional tale about fiction, so either ways, it works because its premise is clear, because it’s an unpretentious and genuinely heartfelt romance and it is a pretty beautiful approach too. Oh, maybe I truly liked it. The film is written by Zoe Kazan and she also stars as Ruby and her real life boyfriend, Paul Dano, plays her main character, which is a really good fit. The film is pretty beautiful.

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