Sunday, December 16, 2012

My week in films, 5

Directed and Written by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano.

What a smart ass film this one is, this is how I’m resuming it. I said Bullhead was intelligent, I say Intouchables is really smart. They wanted to make us laugh, feel amused by these quite literal broken men who are able to emerge from their own circumstances and create an unlikely bound bringing each other to life and they accomplished that for me. It’s a story about hope and achievements, it’s a really good story and that’s why I say they were really smart, not only for taking it but also the way they brought it to the screen. They saw probably the most distinct men they could imagine, in every way possible different, from community, to circumstances, to education, to personality, you name it, and what else could they bring but the most amusing take of them all? Obviously, Omar Sy and François Cluzet helped a lot, they’re really good. This is a film about living life and enjoy it.

Aubrey Fleurot.
And God bless(ed) her (them) too. 
In a manner of speaking, because I am not in any way religious.

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