Sunday, December 16, 2012

My week in films, 3

In Darkness
Directed by Agnieszka Holland. Written by David  F. Shamoon.

If there is a type of film I love, they’re films about wars, to me in particular, the Second World War. We’ve all seen many films about that time, from Der Untergang and The Pianist to Valkyre and Inglourious Basterds! There are so many stories and they keep coming from all over the places. In Darkness tells the story of a polish sewer named Leopold Soha who hides twelve Jewish people in his workplace, the sewers. Like I said, we’ve listened and read many stories of survivors, but to me this is a first. This group of Jews survived in sewers for fourteen months. It’s really hard to imagine. I never been in a sewer but I certainty can picture the awful idea.
The filmmaker is quite brave in some aspects, the way she works around this peculiar set, quite the claustrophobic and dark one. The water in the sewers, I understand how hard that was. It’s literally a dark film, we are often in darkness, and when they finally come to the surface it’s a relief and really hard to believe they managed to survive. 

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