Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Film of Yesterday, Part II

Beasts of the Southern Wild
Hushpuppy: "I'm the man. I'M THE MAN! I'M THE MAN!!!"

 It finally happened. As I was trying desperately to erase every outer thought from my mind and focus on the world in from of me, I eventually connected with these people from The Bathtub, with Hushpuppy and Wink and they won me over. The intricacies of this film led me to think of different realities, helped me to see some things with a clearer vision, ultimately it makes you feel something no matter how indescribable or not those feelings may be.
Little Hushpuppy is an irresistible force and Quvenzhané Wallis conquers your heart with ease. Wink, played by Dwight Henry blew me over with his authenticity. The film, the work done by the entire crew is really a mesmerizing effort and one that should be genuinely praised. 

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