Sunday, December 16, 2012

My week in films, 1

The Deep Blue Sea
Directed and written by Terrence Davies.

This film talks about the non existing reasons of the phenomenon of falling in love and being in love. A force, on its terms, that can lead a human being to many distinct actions, in this film in particular, to suicide. One character suggests that love is not that simple. Is it or is it not? I really don't know, I guess it depends...
In a much praised performance, Rachel Weisz is the force behind this character of a woman coping with her own instincts. She is often in pain, but there are moments, when you can see in her eyes that happy uncontrollable smile of being completely blind, completely in heaven for someone else. She brings the sobriety and authenticity to the story, along with the support of the other performances. The Deep Blue Sea has a very slow paced rhythm, and it is also very consistent in its parts. 

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