Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Single Shot

The Boat That Rocked and Margaret.

The Boat That Rocked it’s a good film to watch every other month, at least it is that kind of film to me. It makes me laugh every time. It also makes me want to watch a romantic lesbian film, but then I think about it and I conclude that there’s really none, and the others that come close to it, well, I’ve seen them already, also probably a few times.

As you all know, there’s the lesbian character in the film, she’s usually brief and subtle but always quite hilarious. Felicity is the only female among the dudes and she’s lonely because she’s…a lesbian. She’s a lesbian. And then there’s this one scene. It is just this brief moment. A shot, it is a single shot, but it is a beautiful one. It is the most beautiful, if not the best moment in the entire film. It is only a shot, but it is so worth it, because you know, it brings such a transparent, a clear and beautiful romantic vibe. That’s how good it is. And that’s pretty much all it takes. So imagine the feelings of this one shot, and obviously, the other couple of brief scenes that comes with it and turn it into a long story, a feature film. Wow, what a romantic film that would be.

 The Shot.

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