Friday, May 3, 2013


Today was my Parks and Rec day. It was also the final episode of Season 5.

Have I told you how perfect Parks and Rec is? Hum...who I am kidding? Of course I did, probably a dozen times. And I will always say it, probably a million times more. Parks and Rec is perfect. When the episode ended, I just kept giggling, looking at the ceiling and giggling and smiling and not believing how perfect this show is. I didn't even thought about the fact that the season was over.
Believe me when I say that Parks and Rec gets better and better and better season after season. It is possible, believe me. This is one hell of an exceptional, intelligent, hilarious, the most entertaining and insightful work of fiction I've been seeing these days. So let me think what did Parks showered us with this season: we had obviously the new challenges by City Councilwoman Leslie Knope...we had Washington...we had a new love interest with Ron Swanson...we had an epic fart attack, which led to some serious crying...we had Bert Macklin obviously...ovaries before brovaries, always...OH WE HAD A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL...and the later MARRIAGE OF BEN AND LESLIE...the usual battle between Pawnee and Eagleton...we had Jerry's retirement, boring, no I'm just kidding, it was great...Ann's plans for the future and Chris Traeger recovery through positiveness... This season I laughed, I cried, I cried from hysterical laugh, I squealed, I snorted, I made some sounds that weren't necessarily laughs but rather weird stuff coming from my nose or throat, something. 

My usual problem with Parks is this: it's only twenty minutes. So my complaints? I could only ask for this: More Lucy Lawless, please and thank you.

I say Parks and Rec is perfect and gets better because of moments like these:

I mean, I cried laughing, I screaming laughing with this episode...

Because it brings the best entries ever:
Like Joe Biden's cameo.

Like Ron and Diane Halloween invite. The tight pace and final moment, genius. There were so many great entries this season.

Ron: "What the hell just happened?"

It just leaves you like...wanting to watch it at least ten times straight.

And the award goes to...Nick Offerman. YES.

You know what I mean?

And I need to stop with these random moments from Season 5 
otherwise it will turn out to be an endless kind of post.

It's also about the little things. And I love the little details - A comment here and there, an expression, something that absolutely surprises me, even though I know these characters so well.

Let's not forget Ron Swason's epic laugh.

I mean, we really need to give a big credit to Nick Offerman, I think he was so great this season.
This is a one very talented man.

Parks and Rec is good because it's true, it's unpretentious and once you know these characters and their living, once you start accepting this world, really, this reality, then you start to get its essence, which to me brings me back to those first days and first thoughts of Parks that truly marked my admiration for the show - the ability to present us the realities of day to day life, like Leslie's relentless work for equality, the workplace and the respectful if not productive relationship between two firm believes of such opposite ideas, like Ron and Leslie. Again, the gender issues, marriage, lot of politics, and many other lines that they cross, I mean, I believe this show is more political (if not way more intelligent) than something like The Newsroom or Veep, and the way they do it it's really what cracks my brain. Everything they take, they take it through this intelligent but not serious-intellectual-smart ass pretentious (which still is actually pretty damn smart), often hilarious and approachable tone, which turns out to be more appealing. At the end they are always capable of bringing great accuracy, truth. And it is always with so much heart. And they do it so consistently. 
This should be the show that inspires people to politics, or maybe run from it, but either way, I think they get a good picture. I do get it. And I do get inspired.
So here's to another five exciting years of Parks and Recreation and a big praise to everyone involved in this show, from writers, to actors, to set designers.

Hot. Hot. Hot. Hoooooooooot. Hot. Hot. Hot.
Jesus Christ Lucy Lawless walked in.


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