Monday, May 13, 2013

Les Femmes de l'ombre

A film by Jean-Paul Salomé.

There were so many wars around the world throughout the years, some internal and some international. There are so many wars today. Does the Second World War is bigger, more special than all of the rest? Why does it feel that way sometimes? Historically speaking, it is. It was a World War. It was a devastating World War. So it does feel that way. Why am I even questioning? But in another way, I don’t think it’s accurate the idea of being especial, or fair, especially because people kept doing it, and keep doing it. In a less number, in a smaller scale? Maybe, maybe they’re in disguise by history, but they are as devastating and atrocious as the past ones. Above all, each and everyone is unique in its own truth. The Second World War it’s an exceptional time in our history and from that point on, an idea about the human being was established. But there are so many wars…

Anyway, that was my introspective introduction, a bit random, maybe a bit out of context. The fact is that there were thousands and thousands of people involved in the Second World War, so then surely there are thousands and thousands of stories to tell. Les Femmes de L’Ombre brings us a version of a very interesting, hidden precious story. Precious because it's about women, unlike the soldiers we are used to see, or the other side of the women's presence in a World War, of providing medical assistance, secretary services, the film is about a group of women, working under the British Forces, who go under a mission that means killing a German SS. It's infiltration work, life or death dangerous work. It is surely a different side from what we are used to see, because they go out and they're involved in the mission, in their own feminine struggles, but really, at the end, it's about the importance of doing something greater, no matter where you come from and your gender.
This film is a gem and absolutely entertaining. Les Femmes de l’ombre was also my introduction to Sophie Marceau and it was a great start. I was really into her composed and focused performance, she looked strong. The rest of the cast did a pretty good job, and the choice of Julie Depardieu couldn’t be more obvious…

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