Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cannes Days

Getting things ready to go.

Busy weeks are coming. I mean, hypothetically speaking, not necessarily physically accurate. But I did already made by schedule. I wrote it down and I’m ready to roll!
If I was attending Cannes 2013, if somehow I was there, in la plage (I mean the beach) and everything, Thursday the 16th would probably be the busiest and naturally most exciting of the days. I would try and juggle things like this – I had Jeune et Jolie, which I wouldn’t mind watching, if so I should do it in the morning and would skip the press conference to see The Bling Ring? Around eleven? The Bling Ring is the opening film for Un Certain Régard. Fruitvale Station is also premiering this day, but I would probably try to watch the day after or other time of the week, though I think that’s the day is screening again, or I could probably watch it at the Festival premiere at night, but I wouldn’t had the time. Besides, I would probably have to wake up pretty early the next day, possibly to watch the already much talked about The Past, or the coming back of the director Asghar Farhadi after his success with A Separation. But then a trick decision would lie ahead. I had around the same time, around eight, the opening film for the Critics’ Week, Suzanne and within fifteen minutes, they are showing Les Parapluies de Cherbourg and who wants to miss this classic in a big screen? So now I actually can’t quite figure it out! I would love to see both, but I’m afraid it is physically impossible. Finally, in this first day I would learn that it’s better to just watch one or two but at least watch it properly than try to juggle four at the same time and not see them properly! It would be a hell of a start, exhausting myself for the supposed next days.

Side Note: I don’t think Adèle Haenel will be attending the premier of Suzanne, because she’ll start filming the Téchiné project very soon. This week, actually, in Nice, which is not far from Cannes. Any case would sound great to me. With this case in particular, it means the film is moving forward. I was afraid for a moment, because of the founding, but now I feel much more confident. So, the question is…WHO’S IN NICE? To give some headlines, of course.

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