Tuesday, May 28, 2013


No more crying...

It’s been two days, since the Palme D’Or has been announced.
I’m still so very high on the Cannes Days, with the success and the Palme D’Or winner, the film that will hunt me for days and days, in the nights and in my dreams. And I haven’t even seen it yet.
It will be a long journey until I, I guess we, will finally see it. Because really, everyone’s reactions was to check out who was going to distribute the film in their hometown and to see the dates of its release.

It’s like I’m high, high on the rush, the enthusiasm, the artists of the film and what it represents. And it doesn’t seem like I’m the only one either. It will be interesting how the film will grow and surf through awards season. No doubt Adèle Exarchopoulos will become a known face; maybe Hollywood will even grab her for a while. No doubt Léa is a precious treasure too. No doubt Abdelatiff Kechiche will have its fair share of travel to show the film throught the world (or maybe not), because everyone wants to see it. Obviously and hopefully, this film will raise discussions, it will eventually become something else, even if how much I don’t want it too, a film becomes always something else once it gets to the awards season. Maybe it won’t even get to the awards season, who knows? But the good part is that the cloud eventually fades. And then we can always keep seeing it again.

To my side, I just want to appreciate the moment. It’s about that and actually now letting it go, which is the hard part. I want to hear and keep hearing the winner of the Palm D’Or in all the news, from Euronews to CNN and national and in French and Spanish and Swedish. To hear how this very year, with this film called ‘La Vie D’Adèle’ became the first film to ever have its Palm presented to not only the director of the film but instead acknowledging the collaboration between three artists, which included the two female stars of the film, Léa and Adèle. Then you think what it represents and the meaning of it and how sweet it sounds, this unprecedented recognition - in the most excruciatingly formal and by the rules film festival of the world. This also means that Adèle and Léa join Jane Campion as the only women to ever win a Palm D’Or.
It was Steven Spielberg saying these names, Adèle, Léa and Abdellatif for their film, a lesbian coming of age story and hours earlier, in the streets of France, a massive and highly offensive riot against gay marriage was going on.
So yes, I just love to hear them saying the title of the film followed by the brief description of something like ‘A love story of two girls…’

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