Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I believe this week I’m heading towards this way, titling my posts with feelings descriptions.
Yes, it went from exhilarating to excruciating.

This time around I name the excruciating feeling because the discussion has already started and I can’t and won’t be a part of it. Obviously, I’m talking about this already famous film called La Vie D’Adèle or depending where you’re from, Blue is the Warmest Color.

I cannot look at this anymore...

The discussion has already started with essays, analysis and articles and letters and on and on. You know, you just have to choose! Obviously, I love to read these articles, but I’m already trying my best to read the least and see the least because of spoiler-ish issues. I already know too much, way too much over what I wanted, which was nothing. I also know it’s my entire fault. I already know about the sex…I know the synopses of the film I read a while ago…actually that’s all I know, oh and the excruciating buzz around it. It’s hard, it’s really hard around this parts.

So you have from the New York Times and…ok, here’s a link:
From The HollywoodReporter, already proclaiming the film as a French symbol for the gay marriage debate.
The Real sex issue from Ultraculture.
Sasha Stone from Awards Daily also being a part of the conversation.

And finally, you can also read from the author of the graphic novel Le Blue est une coleur chaude the film is based on, Julie Maroh. She also gives you another set of links about the discussion being held.

You want more? You have more on your side? Just share! I'm happy to save it and read it in about six months...

Right, there’s so much to chew on and I would absolutely love to chew it all day long but I’m fighting it. I’m at that level where I don’t even want to see any new pictures from the film. I already know too much and there’s nothing I can do.
Ok then, as you can see, and like my friend usually says, this are clearly first world problems! I just need to stay calm and take these pictures OUT OF MY HEAD.

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