Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Trouble in Paradise

GJ: “So, you’re on your knees? Good. Now die to yourself. To your idea of yourself. Everything you think you are, you’re not. What’s left? Find out."
Robin: “I’ve just realized that who I thought I was who my father and my mother were…"
GJ: “Stop! Stop thinking.”
Robin: “GJ, I need to help Tui.”
GJ: “You people all want to help someone. That one, that one wants to help Africa. Help yourself first. Like the airplane. Put on your own mask first."
Robin: “How do I help myself?”
GJ: “Why should I tell you when you don’t listen?”
Robin: “I’m listening.”
GJ: “No! All you hear are your own crazy thoughts, like a river of shit, on and on. See your thoughts for what they are. Stop your helping. Stop your planning. Give up! There’s no way out. Not for others, not for you. We are living out here at the end of the road, the end of the earth in a place called Paradise. How’s it going? Perfect? No. You are madder than ever. You are tired? (Robin nods her face.) So lie down right here. Be like a cat. Heal yourself. There is no match for the tremendous intelligence of the body. Rest."
GJ: “When it’s the next flight to Reykjavik?”
Melissa: “Um, Iceland. Any route preference or carrier?”
GJ: “No. Just get away from these crazy bitches.”

Top of the Lake, written and created by Jane Campion and Gerald Lee, directed by Jane Campion.
It’s becoming one of my favorite projects of the year so far. Loved the questions, excited to explore Top of the Lake again and further more.

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