Thursday, May 30, 2013

La Lesbienne Invisible

That's the title of the article - Céline Sallete is disputing for the role of a young lesbian.
The film will apparently be an adaptation of the one-woman-show by Océane Rose Marie and co-directed by the same. She's also playing the protagonist.
La Lesbienne Invisible is about a young lesbian who everyone believes is heterosexual. The film will focus on a love story between two women. Link here.
They're really going at it. And that's how the French work, don't they? I love them. In the middle of the current state, just a day after the riots and the current controversy over the Palme D'Or winner, now comes La Lesbienne Insivible!
This is interesting, especially because I'm curious to see Céline Sallette in a supposed comedy. More importantly, she's probably in for a co-lead role and that makes me excited because of course, I love her.

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