Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cannes Days - C'est la vie (D'Adèle)

I finally gave in...then I would say - Only tears left to dry.

Right Léa?

I don't think La Vie D'Adèle will win the Palm D'Or, or any of the other you all still think it will?
Although it already did win a prize in Cannes, the FIPRESCI award, yes the critics' award, and yes everyone says it is the favorite, every one being the critics, I feel like it won't. But sometimes I love it when I'm wrong. The reasons why? The first thing that comes to mind is the President of the Jury.
Yes, it wasn't an utter inspiring and fascinating Cannes Film Festival line up, at least it didn't felt that way, neither it felt the fest in general. There weren't those ten stars reviews, and what I mean by ten stars is the magnitude of the praise of course. There were some pretty curious reviews, and by curious I mean that made me really curious and anxious to see such films like Inside Llewyn Davis and the The Past. 
But La Vie D'Adèle will be something significant. It's already significant and defiant in many ways. So it will be significant on different levels. For once, it will be a dream to watch, for many people, that many people includes me. But then, and it's already starting, it's the reception. This is a coming of age story, a romance between women. It is a film being presented at the World's most prestigious and talked about Film Festival. So people will certainly hear about it. And because it is already succeeding, the hope is that it will go over many other film festivals around the world. In these lines, one hopes that this film will inspire. Inspire more touching stories between women, romance between women. And finally to inspire to not be afraid to tell these stories and every story the way you want to, right? One hopes.
I'm suddenly thinking of Brokeback Mountain, like La Vie D'Adèle could be the female version I so aspire to see without really knowing what it is that I actually want to see in this so called female version. So maybe it is something like La Vie D'Adèle, mainly because this is a unique film without any agendas. A film without wanting to be a summons on homosexuality, that indeed becomes the perfect antidote for my and perhaps many others who look for something that they don't really know what it is.
Winning or not winning the Palm D'Or, I was absolutely ecstatic about La Vie D'Adèle premiering in Cannes, where hundreds of people would be seeing it, talking about it, including its stars, Abdellatif Kechiche and the actors.

These Cannes Film Festival days are always strange to me. It's something weird, painful, abstract and that I know I absolutely want. Like falling in love. Good god, this just sounded really corny. But it is the truth, I guess. It is weird because it's a different world, it's abstract because my expectations will never really meet the reality, it is painful because I can't get to watch such films and this is for hundreds of miles what I absolutely want more. I keep hearing from film people that went to this event how often tiring and sometimes awful it is, waiting in lines, color badges, etc; how it's first and foremost about the money (but of course it's about the money because there's a lot of money involved, no one can't refute this or not understand), about the glamour and lots of parties and then about the films or wherever order you want to put it. Still, for me it's about a movie atmosphere that I will always be looking for and once there I will try to not ever be broken, no matter what goes around you. I know it would be really hard though!
Nonetheless, I feel super great about what's coming this year for films. I feel like it will be something inspiring. Names like Frances Ha and Ain't Them Body Saints and The Past and future projects on its way gives me hope to just keep falling in love with this exceptional world of films.

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